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Why Choose Granite Countertops?

From laminate and tile to marble and granite, you may be wondering what type of countertop to choose, as you begin to plan your kitchen remodeling project. There are a variety of different materials used in countertops, and making the decision could be quite difficult. However, homeowners across the world tend to find that granite countertops are the best decision they have ever made. Here, you will discover five reasons why you should choose granite countertops as opposed to a different material for your kitchen. #1 – Granite is Durable The only other material known to man that is harder than granite is diamonds, when it comes to natural materials. Granite is made deep within the earth’s surface and forms under high temperatures and pressure, compressing rock into beautiful slabs. In fact, when granite countertops are installed by professionals, they will last a long time. Choosing granite provides you with more bang for your buck, as you will not need to replace them for as long as you live in your home. The durability of this material allows granite countertops to be resistant to scratching, cracking, and chipping, which can occur to other types of countertop materials. In addition, granite....::