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Brighten Up A Small Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It is supposed to be a warm and welcoming environment. A place where friends and family can gather, dine, and enjoy one another’s company. Unfortunately, small kitchens are often dark, which can make them seem smaller and less inviting. Even if you are unable to do something about the size of your kitchen, there are ways that you can brighten up the space to bring back that warm and inviting sense, allowing your kitchen to once again become the heart of your home. Lighten the Walls One of the simplest, and least expensive ways to create depth and a more open feeling in your kitchen is by lightening the color of the walls. If the room is currently covered in 1980′s wallpaper, you’ll want to start by using a wallpaper stripping solution. If the walls are just painted, it might be time for a fresh coat in a lighter color, but remember to wash the walls first, so that the new paint can adhere properly. Energizing colors, such as yellow, blue, or light green are excellent options for opening up the space and adding some natural light. You....::